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The State of Connecticut has provided a great kid portal.  Click on the button to visit!
ISafe image i-SAFE Inc. is the worldwide leader in Internet safety education. Founded in 1998 and endorsed by the U.S. Congress, i-SAFE is a non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting the online experiences of youth everywhere. i-SAFE incorporates classroom curriculum with dynamic community outreach to empower students, teachers, parents, law enforcement, and concerned adults to make the Internet a safer place.
 Intelletual Property image With the ease of copying and ripping of digital information, it is important that our students respect the intellectual property of others. This page includes links to teach about fair use, Creative Commons, and supplies some ideas to help students internalize this important aspect of becoming a good digital citizen.
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ResearchIT is part of the Connecticut Education Network. It provides all students, faculty and residents with online access to essential library and information resources. It is administered by the Connecticut State Library in conjunction with the Department of Higher Education. Through ResearchIT, a core level of information resources including secured access to licensed databases is available to every citizen in Connecticut. In addition, specialized research information is available to college students and faculty.

ResearchIT began in 2000 when the Connecticut General Assembly provided funding for the purchase of licensed information databases for Connecticut's libraries, schools and colleges. The Digital Library was one of several recommendations of then- Lieutenant Governor M. Jodi Rell in the Fall of 1999.

The Goals of researchIT are:

    •    To ensure universal access to a core level of library and information resources for every resident of Connecticut through their public library, school, college, and from home.
    •    To help provide necessary information resources to every school in Connecticut so that all students are prepared to function in an information society.
    •    To provide information resources to the increasing number of students taking advantage of on-line courses at Connecticut's colleges and universities.
    •    To support the information needs of all Connecticut citizens.