4th Grade Transition to Goodwin

4th Grade Transition to Goodwin
Posted on 06/27/2019
4th Grade As we continue to work through summer and prepare for the 2019-2020 academic year, the following actions are taking place to successfully transition 4th grade to the Kathleen E. Goodwin School:

• Teachers who will be moving from Old Saybrook Middle School to Goodwin Elementary have begun consulting with Principal Sutman and other staff about their new classrooms and have begun planning for their move.

• The move has been scheduled to begin in the weeks right after school closes, with fourth grade being moved into their new classrooms and all subsequent moves taking place after that.

• Staff from both schools and central office have met with Youth and Family Services and Parks and Recreation about after school programming.  In general, they will continue to offer programming at both schools and at Parks and Recreation, though some of the programming may change.

• Principal Sutman has created a plan to talk to the third graders about their new role at Goodwin Elementary as the “seniors” of the school and why and how this change is taking place this year.

• Bus runs will be calculated and will be ready for the opening days.