Old Saybrook Public Schools Website FAQ

Old Saybrook Public Schools Website FAQ
Posted on 09/10/2019
Frequently Asked Questions Q. How do I use the new search bar?

A. One of the most common critiques we received about our old website was that the search bar was difficult to find and difficult to use. The new website has made the search bar easy to find as a white bar at the top of every page. Additionally, when you scroll down, the white bar will be replaced by a magnifying glass that you can click to make the search bar reappear so you can search anywhere on our website. When using the search bar, it is important to keep in mind that you must be on the school site that is relevant to your search. For example, if you are looking for information about the Old Saybrook Middle School, you must first navigate to the Old Saybrook Middle School page before conducting your search. The same is true for our High School and Goodwin Elementary School. When searching for District/Board of Education information, you must conduct this search from the main district website, www.oldsaybrookschools.org

Q. How do I subscribe to a School Calendar?

A. One of the most helpful upgrades our new website provides is the ability to subscribe to a particular school calendar and import dates onto your phone. To do this, use your phone to navigate to the school calendar you would like to subscribe to by choosing a school and clicking the Calendar tab at the top of the page. Once you are on the calendar page, click the share button at the far top right of the calendar. Then click the iCal/RSS feed button to open the import options. Click open to import all of the calendar dates onto your phone’s calendar. You can repeat the process with the other schools and athletics calendar, as well.

Q. What are Quick Links?

A. Quick Links are a series of tiles on the right side of your computer screen that take you to the most important areas of the website with a single click. No matter where you scroll on the website, the Quick Links will travel with you. Our current list of Quick Links include:

• Athletics
• Board of Education
• District Calendar
• Food Menus
• Personnel Directory
• PowerSchool
• Microsoft 365
• Health Services

Q. What’s new on the homepage?

A. There are so many exciting changes on the Old Saybrook homepage. One feature that has carried over from the old site is the scrolling student photos, but beyond that, everything is different! For starters, we have a Quick Links navigation bar on the right that will take you to the most important places of the website in one click. As you scroll down the page, you will find District news articles (and school-specific articles on the school homepages) and upcoming events across the District. You will also find a featured videos section of the website where you will be able to watch the latest episode of video series, “60 Super Seconds” and “Here’s Something Awesome”, as well as other informational videos. At the bottom of the homepage, you will find our District’s Mission Statement, a map showing the location of our schools, and links to our social media pages.

Q. Is there an Old Saybrook Public Schools mobile application?

A. There is an OSPS mobile app! Along with the new website, we have also launched our District’s first mobile app. This app is available on both Apple and Android devices. Search for Old Saybrook Public Schools through your phone’s app store and download us for free! The app is a window into Old Saybrook Public Schools where you can find News, Calendar Events, Directory Information, Athletic Information, and many other helpful resources. Downloading the mobile app will also connect you to a new means of receiving messages from the District, like information on school closures or updates on athletic events. There is also a PowerSchool mobile app where you can view your child’s schedule, grades, and GPA (if applicable). The browser version of PowerSchool offers even more features and functionality.