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Today 3rd graders rocked the playground during their celebration. Students danced, threw water balloons, watched several rockets being launched, and took turns dunking Mrs. Fudge, Ms. Durie, and Mr. Sutman. Great way to celebrate all of their accomplishments.

On Wednesday GS and OSHS began a new tradition. Seniors paraded down the main hallway fully clad in their caps and gowns. Goodwin students shared a rowdy applause and presented each graduate with a card of congratulations.

If you are missing any clothing, items have been out on the tables in the foyer.

Don't miss all the fun at the Acton Library this summer, including Monday evening story time and pizza with Goodwin teachers! Check out the Acton website for summer events, and to register your child to earn Acton "bucks" for reading this summer! http://www.actonlibrary.org/ Today is the first day your child can begin earning “bucks’ for reading. See roster below of teacher's reading on Monday's at 6:00 p.m.

July 2: Mrs. Ayers, Mrs. Marble-King, Mrs. McElhone

July 9: Mrs. Bernhardson, Mrs.Collier, Mrs. Kelley

July 16: Ms. Johnson, Mrs. Gage, Mrs. Hunter

July 23: Mrs. Annino, Ms. Dodds, Madame Namin

July 30: Mrs. Toolan, Mrs, Holecz, Mrs. Fudge

August 6: Mrs. LaMarche and her son, Mrs. Geer

August 13: Ms. Barnes, Mrs. Polito, Mrs. Trudeau

August 20: Mrs. Goldstein, Mrs. Goodhue, Mrs. Rosenthal

Today’s final Goodwin Gathering was emceed by Isaac Hartshorn and James Gowdy.  The entire Gathering celebrated our students’ gifts.  The Gathering began with our Early Childhoold Students performing a dinosaur song.  Next, Mrs. Herrle’s string group, not only performed beautiful music, but they did so when lying on their backs! Mrs. Rosenthal’s students, introduced by Sam Valle, performed a favorite story they obtained for the Goodwin Library .  Mrs. Goldstein’s students shared published personal stories about their experiences at Goodwin School.  Lastly, Mrs. Geer led a school singalong with choral singing.  Fun was had by all.

Our last spirit day for the year will be on June 20th.

Wear your favorite beach attire, sunglasses, hats, etc. but please no bathing suits.

Today our students gathered on the edge of Old Boston Post Road to cheer on the Special Olympians who were carrying the Special Olympic Torch across Old Saybrook.  A big thanks to Officer Rooney for organizing this event.

Parents, thanks so much to those of you who have sent in pictures for our end of year Summer Reading slideshow!  They are adorable!  It's not too late to get pics of your kids reading at home to Mrs. Brown at cbrown@oldsaybrookschools.org.

Today in Library, your child was presented with ALL the WONDERFUL FREE events taking place at Acton Library this summer, including our Monday evening read-aloud pizza party with Goodwin teachers.  Look for an Acton flyer to come home tonight with your child.

Just a friendly reminder that your child has medication in the health office that will need to be picked up by the end of the last day of school. Medications must be picked up by the student’s parent or guardian or they will be properly disposed of per State Statutes. Medication cannot stay in the Health office unless your child is attending summer school.

What an amazing week collecting for Penny Wars. The grand total for the week is $2705.39! The daily winners were Monday, Mrs. McElhone’s class, Tuesday, Mrs. Canavan’s class, Wednesday, Ms. Dodds’ class, Thursday, Mrs. Lemieux’s class, and Friday Ms. Dodds’ class, each class winning an extra recess. More stats to follow next week.

The third grade celebration will be held on Friday June 15 from 1:45-3:00. The raindate will be Monday June 18. Information will be going home with third graders in their backpacks.

May 23rd is Formal & Fancy Day at Goodwin School. This is an opportunity for students to dress up in their formal clothes or just to wear something that makes them feel fancy. Staff is participating too! Students may also choose not to participate.


Goodwin students arrived to school clad in the color green to show their support for our planet. During the gathering, led by Ben Witczak and Katie Berner, students sang and poetry in celebration of the earth was shared. A special thank you to Ms. Johnson for organizing this event.

On Wednesday Goodwin Staff and Students welcomed our favorite bus drivers for a “Thank You Breakfast”. Staff members provided all of the food and decorations. Our drivers have a tough job and we are truly appreciative of their support and love for Goodwin Students.

On Thursday all grade levels were treated to a Ballroom Dance Performance by a group of dancers from the Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Thank you to our PTA for presenting our students with another brilliant performance.

Please be aware that there has been a sudden increase in the number of tick/mosquitos with the warm weather. If I remove a tick from your child I will call you and send the little creature to you for the MD taped up and sealed in a little envelope if possible. Please check your child for ticks on a daily basis and be on the lookout for any unexplained headaches, rashes, joint pain and fever. The CDC has sent a notice out that there will be an increased amount of tick/mosquito borne illnesses this year because we have had a mild winter.

PTA Penny Wars is underway. Fundraiser kicked off on Friday, May 4th. Collection runs May7-11th. Daily class totals will be displayed in the lobby and the cafeteria. Prizes awarded daily and a grand prize will be awarded to the entire grade with the highest point total. 100% of the profits will go to existing educational programs for our students at Goodwin.

Wellness day is Friday May 25. The field day events will be in the morning, volunteers are needed to help run the events for K- 3. Volunteers would be needed from 8:45 to 12:00. Parents who would like to help, please contact Chris Kelley at ckelley@oldsaybrookschools.org Please let me know student’s grade when you respond.

The second-grade students put on quite a show on Thursday, April 12th! They sang seven songs in French and each class performed a dance. The dances included a traditional French Canadian folk dance and a Cajun version of the Hokey Pokey. Their artwork was on display behind them as they sang. This was a collaborative production by Mrs. Geer, Mrs. Bernhardson and Madame Namin 

Per state law: All children entering Kindergarten must have an updated School Physical with updated immunizations. This must be dated after August 28, 2017, and be received by the nurse’s office prior to the start of school. If you could provide this for registration night, it would be greatly appreciated. 

Parents, we are excited to kick off Jump Rope/Hoops For Heart! Your student is becoming a Heart Hero by taking care of their own heart, spreading the message of the American Heart Association and raising funds for lifesaving research. Have your student jump online at heart.org/jump or heart.org/hoops to take one of our three health challenges, send emails and ask for donations. ANY STUDENT THAT GOES ONLINE AND TAKES THE CHALLENGE GETS A GLOW IN THE DARK WRISTBAND. ANY STUDENT THAT GETS A DONATION WILL BE RECOGNIZED AND RECEIVE A CARABINER, JAX AND CHARGER, OUR TWO COOLEST LIFESAVING MONSTERS. Thank you for supporting the American Heart Association! 

The students celebrated our world language program today at our Goodwin Gathering. Students in each grade level sang songs in the language they are learning, either French or Spanish. It was a wonderful treat to hear all the students speaking so fluently and singing so beautifully in these languages. Learning another language at the elementary level in Old Saybrook really sets us apart from many other districts and we are lucky to have such a strong and established program.

Our students will be participating in Jump Rope for Heart as a part of a wellness day in June. The fundraising for the American Heart Association will take place prior to wellness day. Look for more information to follow.

In this Education Gadfly article, Jeff Murray reports on an MIT study on a key characteristic of adult-child verbal interactions that boosts children’s language abilities: “conversational turns.” These are an adult utterance, followed by a child utterance (or vice versa), with no more than a five-second gap between them. The more of these reciprocal interactions children had (the researchers studied average 4-6-year- olds), the more brain activity they had in Broca’s area (the part of the brain that handles language production and processing), and the better the children did on standardized tests of vocabulary, grammar, and verbal reasoning. This was true regardless of socioeconomic status, parents’ educational attainment, or the number of words to which they were exposed at home. Lead researcher Rachel Romeo said conversational turns were “almost magical” in their power to build children’s language ability.

“Conversation and Language Development” by Jeff Murray in The Education Gadfly, February 28, 2018 (Vol. 18, #9), https://edexcellence.net/articles/conversation-and-language-development; the full study is “Beyond the 30-Million-Word Gap: Children’s Conversational Exposure Is Associated with Language- Related Brain Function” by Rachel Romeo et al.,Psychological Science, February 2018 http://journals.sagepub.com/doi/abs/10.1177/0956797617742725

Click here to find out more about: Free Summer Meals

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