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Eleven talented and enthusiastic third grade singers recently participated in the Shoreline Elementary Choir Festival in North Branford. The mission of the SECF is to broaden elementary students’ knowledge of music skills and promote a love of choral singing. The students worked with Mrs. Geer in after school workshops twice a week for two months to prepare for the festival. The children sang with 110 other students from surrounding districts. They sang songs by famous composers such as Handel and Copeland, an Israeli folk song and an American folk song. Normally students do not get to participate in things like this until Middle School or High School, so we were all very grateful to have this opportunity.

Kindergarten students were delighted to have a special visit from the Old Saybrook Fire Department. They learned about fire safety, what to do when the smoke alarm goes off, and about having a family meeting place outside. The children even got to sit down on the fire truck!

Please continue to report any fever or positive flu screens on your child so we can continue to track Flu within the State. As stated before; please keep your child home until fever free without the use of Tylenol or Motrin an additional day. Some children have been returning to school too soon and have had a return of fever, so please make sure your child is completely well before returning. We want them ready to learn and have the endurance to do so.

Thank you for all you do in keeping your child and our school healthy.

All grade two students honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. this week with songs and spoken facts about his life and legacy. The program began with a short section of video from his famous,“ I Have a Dream Speech.” Then the entire second grade sang, “What a Wonderful World.” Other songs on the program included, “Dr. King was a Mighty Good Leader,” “Martin Luther King,” and “Come Sing a Song with Me.” The program was the result of combined efforts from Mrs. Geer and the grade two team of teachers.

We are starting to see an increase in flu, flu like illnesses as well as strep. Just a quick reminder (per school policy in the parent handbook): 

1. Your child must stay home if diagnosed with strep for 24 hours after starting the antibiotic and must be fever free without Tylenol or Motrin for 24 hours.

2. If your child has had fever from another illness such as flu, they must also be home 24 hours fever free without Tylenol or Motrin.

3. If your child has had the GI bug, they must stay home 24 hours after the last episode of vomiting or diarrhea.

This means staying home an extra day. Children should be fully well and able to eat, drink, and have had adequate rest. If you call the school it will be an excused absence. It is vital that we keep all students and staff healthy so that we can fully participate in school without spreading illness to one another. Unfortunately, if your child comes back too soon, I will have to call and have your child sent home. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The annual SMARTER Balanced Assessment will be administered to all 3rd grade students this spring. We are in the beginning stages of building the schedule. Students will utilize the computers in the Library Media Center and the Computer Lab to complete their assessments. More information will be shared in the coming months. We believe our daily instruction is the best preparation for this assessment. The only "test prep" that will take place, will be to familiarize students with the on-line tools that are utilized while completing SBA tasks.

A tribute to our namesake, Kathleen E. Goodwin, has come together in our foyer. A plaque, donated by Computer Signs of Old Saybrook, commemorates this remarkable woman.

KE Goodwin Tribute

Students may begin to enter the building at 8:30 a.m. and remain in the foyer until 8:40 when the first bell rings. At 8:40 they may walk down to their classrooms. At 8:50 the second bell rings and begins the school day, students should be in their classrooms at this time.

Please be vigilant about watching your children for flu like symptoms that include cough, fatigue, fever and headache. As per Jan Perruccio, please keep your children home for 7 days if they have the flu. This year’s flu has hit the pediatric population especially hard, and adequate rest and recovery is vital. Please follow up with your child’s doctor should your child develop a fever. Any child sent home with fever, flu like symptoms, nausea and vomiting MUST remain home the next day and then be symptom free without Tylenol or Motrin for 24 hours until they can return back to school. This is to ensure your child has fully recovered and does not have a setback and it will ensure that students and school staff are not exposed to ongoing illness. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

We invite you to join is for our second evening in the series, Personalized Learning, which will be held on February 21st at 7:30 p.m. at Old Saybrook Middle School in the Fitness Room. This interactive meeting will last about 60 minutes and provide an opportunity to learn from teachers about growing efforts to personalize learning for all students. Please R.S.V.P. to lwarchol@oldsaybrookschools.org so we can plan for the evening.
Please watch for flu symptoms in your child. If your child develops a headache with fatigue and fever, please follow up with your child's MD. We are tracking the flu in the state, if your child tests positive please let the nurse's office know.
As the leaders of our school, 3rd graders in Mrs. Durie's class have taken on the task of ordering their own lunch each day. This level of independence has been welcomed by the students and they have enjoyed piloting a new procedure. Each day they complete their own order and a class leader totals the orders. Students are fully aware that if they make a mistake, they are responsible for their choices. So far the pilot has been seamless. Other third grade classes are now eager to get on board. This change has saved valuable minutes each day.
We love the winter months, but snow can make for tricky bus stops. The town works very closely with the school system to prepare roads each day for safe travel.The community can assist by making sure all sidewalks and bus stops are shoveled. If you have property that abuts bus stops or sidewalks, help our students be making sure they are safe and free from snow.
Applications for the Early Childhood program are now available in the Goodwin School office. Typical peers must demonstrate age appropriate social and communication skills, be toilet trained and turn 3 years old prior to August 29, 2018. Applications are due by Friday, February 16, 2018.
Nurse Sue Cowan is in need of socks for the nurse's office. New or gently used would be greatly appreciated. Donations of new underwear is also needed.
Last year Goodwin School introduced the concepts of the Buddy Bench. Students participated in a refresher training during lunch waves. It is important to our community that students and staff are always on the lookout to lend a helping hand. Encouraging students to empathize with each other starts at a young age and can last a lifetime.
The whittle is set up for the month of January. Ms. Kelley has asked that students not wear skirts, dresses, or tights on gym days, as they will be going on the whittle barefoot and tights would be slippery on the metal rungs of the equipment. We do not have a place for students to take off and put tights on before and after class.
The winner of the Box Top contest is Mrs. Muratori's classroom! Thank you all for participating. The Box Tops collected during this contest are worth over $400 for our school. Stay tuned for the next contest.
The Eastern CT Symphony Orchestra will be rescheduling their performance at Goodwin after the break due to the 2 hour delay on Thursday, December 14th. Details to follow.
A reminder to ECP (Early Childhood Program) parents that all ECP students are required by State Regulation to receive a flu shot by the time they return on January 3, 2018. Please contact our nurse, Sue Cowan, with any questions. Thank you!

Looking for a fun book to read with your first, second or third grader? Don't miss Nutmeg nominee Upside Down Magic! Mrs. Dodd's class is giving this one a "thumbs- up!" Check it out!

A big thank you to Sam Kantrow for visiting our Kindergarten classes with his Storm Team Channel 8 News Truck. Students loved learning about the weather and checking out thesuper cool weather Jeep. This was all made possible through Mrs. Goodhue’s coordination. We loved seeing your class on the news!

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