Student and Parent Portal

PowerSchool offers families web-access to Student and Parent Portals where they can update contact information, manage alert notifications, view attendance, grades and much more. The Student and Parent Portal can be launched by clicking the "P" icon amongst the Quicklinks on the right-hand side or click on the logo below.

Creating a Parent Account

Families are able to manage multiple students under one single sign in through creating a Parent Account. This can be done by selecting "Create Account" on the Student and Parent Portal sign in page. To link students to Parent Accounts, families must enter the Access ID, Access Password, and Relationship for each student. Please contact the school offices for further assistance and authorization if such information was not received.

PowerSchool Mobile

To provide families with quick views of student schedules, assignments and more, PowerSchool also offers a mobile app for iOS and Android. Families may search PowerSchool Mobile on the Google Play, Apple App Store or click on the links below. 

*** If you are logged into your oldsaybrookschools.org Google account, you will not be able to access the Google Play Store to download the Android app. Log out of the account and it will be accessible.

Once downloaded, enter the District Code GHQT and sign on using the Parent/Student Portal login information to complete the setup.

Please note that PowerSchool Mobile does not offer all the features under the Student and Parent Portal such as re-enrollment registration.

For more information regarding the PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal, please refer to the user guide below.

PowerSchool Student and Parent Portal User Guide